Sunday, February 27, 2011


Establishing a Science Journal in Science Classrooms at the Secondary Level

Welcome to Mr. Kupfer's Blog. I am delighted to communicate with all of you through this technology.

The purpose of this Blog is to serve as a course activity in Blog development. is a fantastic tool to exchange ideas quickly and efficiently. Being that "blogging" is user-friendly and available anywhere a computer with internet is located, this facilitates effective discussions. is a great source of technology to use in the classroom because it is free. However, there exist many other organizations (i.e.-professional environments) that may be able to profit from utilizing a blog. Hopefully, by the end of this course we should (as professional educators) be able to use this technology to make information more accessible to students. This type of information presentation is desirable for use in the classroom because it is a form of technology that the students enjoy.

In this course Blog we will discuss why it is important for students to utilize their cognitive skills by establishing a science journal in their science classes. Considering this notion, why is it often times difficult to motivate students to produce a scientific journal for class? Does this apply to "crossing the curriculum" for English and Science? Feel free to post your comments, concerns, and condemnations.
Thank you.